Approaching the Topic of Assisted Living with Older Parents

Are you wanting to talk to your parents about assisted living but aren’t certain how to start the conversation?

It’s a difficult topic to bring up, so it’s always a good idea to look at some advice before diving in. We’ve collected several tips down below to make this process much easier for both you and your loved one.

1. Research Beforehand

One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for this tricky conversation is to know everything there is to know about senior assisted living. Research the different local facilities and all of their amenities. Know the difference between assisted living and nursing homes.

This way, you’ll have the answers when your parent brings up any questions or concerns. You’ll have all the knowledge to put their worries at ease.

2. Use Positive Language

For many people, the idea of moving to an assisted living home is a frightening one. They’ll balk at the very idea and try to switch the subject. Change is difficult to accept no matter the person’s age.

The problem is that there are several conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, that require a helping hand. Leaving your parent to live alone while dealing with such conditions is a recipe for future accidents.

The quell your loved one’s instant rebuke of the idea, always use positive language to describe the assisted living facilities. Frame the idea as a good and exciting possibility so that your parent won’t shut down the conversation right away.

3. Don’t Force the Issue

If your parent does reject the conversation, don’t try to force the issue right then and there. Instead, give them time to process. Allow them the chance to think over the things you’ve said and the reasons for which you’ve said them.

Trying to push the idea only heightens stress and causes your loved one to get angry. They’ll be less likely to listen in the future because they feel as though you’re not listening to them, either.

There’s always time to try again in a few days once things calm down. Giving them proper time to process makes the situation feel more like a decision they get to make rather than one that’s forced upon them.

4. Keep Your Loved One Involved

Never leave your loved one in the dark when it comes to making big decisions. This is their life and they need to know how to prepare for this big change.

Whenever it comes time to make a decision, make sure you involve them in the conversation. Don’t make decisions without asking their opinion or permission. This gives them a sense of control over a moment in time when everything feels so chaotic.

Assisted Living Is the Next Adventure

As long as you approach the topic with love and care, your parents will come around to understand your point of view. Assisted living is a great way to ensure your parents get the care they need while still maintaining their independence.

When you and your loved one are ready to make the transition, we’re here to help every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.

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