5 Key Steps to Take to Prepare Your Loved One for an Assisted Living Community

There are more than 28,900 assisted living communities globally. Many of these assisted living facilities have residents that enjoy being in the community, but at one point, they too were having some issues coming to terms with the move they were about to make.

If you’re moving your loved one into an assisted living facility, you might be wondering how to prepare them for this change. Below you’re going to find some advice and tips that will help you get your loved one ready and make the transition go much smoother.

1. Communicate With Them

The last thing you want to do during this move is leave your loved one out of the loop. Instead of making the decisions for them, take the time to communicate with them every step of the way.

Your loved one will become more comfortable with the idea of moving into senior care if they are involved from the beginning. If it comes as a surprise to them, they will not be as open-minded or willing to move.

2. Research the Facility

Before the move takes place, gather as much assisted living facility information as possible. Typically, when you tour an assisted living facility, they will provide you with a packet that details everything your loved one will receive when they move into the community.

It’ll contain information about the floor plans of each room, the meals your loved one will have, and much more. Ensure that you also have a list of questions that you need the answers to before signing any paperwork.

3. Get Involved

Assisted living facilities have a calendar full of events that residents and non-residents can participate in. If your parent will be joining the facility soon, take time to get them involved in the events and activities before they move in.

This gives your loved one a chance to interact and get to know the staff and other residents before they’ve moved in.

4. Pack Carefully

When you move your loved one into assisted living, everything they have in their home can’t be taken to the facility. Sit down with your family member and take time to help them pack the things that they want to take with them.

Help them understand that they can’t take everything with them and focus on necessities and take some things that are of sentimental value, such as pictures and jewelry.

5. Give Them Time

Even if you’ve gone through all the other tips that we’ve provided above, sometimes the only thing you can do for someone is giving them time. Give them time to come to terms with the changes that will be made and let them process it.

You’ll need to take time to process the change that’s about to occur as well because it will also affect you.

Assisted Living Facility: Preparing For Moving Day

An assisted living facility will provide your loved one the care they need while still preserving their independence. If your family member is struggling with the idea of moving into assisted living, there are ways that you can help them, including communicating with them or giving them time.

If you’ve not found the right facility for your loved one yet, contact Elite Senior Placement Services. We’ll help you determine what kind of assisted living is the right decision for your family member.

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