5 Advantages of Home-Based Skilled Nursing

Every year, more than 4 million people get help from home-based skilled nursing care. When a family member can no longer complete their day-to-day activities on their own, it is useful to hire a skilled nurse to help.

Sending a loved one to a health care facility can be a great move for some, but for others, it is emotional, scary, and expensive.

Choosing at-home care allows them to stay in a familiar space while getting the help and care they deserve.

Keep reading to learn more about all the advantages of home-based skilled nursing.

1. Personal Freedom

When seniors move to a health care facility to be cared for, they give up a lot of their freedoms. They no longer have as much privacy or the ability to make choices about what they do with their time.

Home care allows seniors to stay on their schedule, make choices about what they eat, and maintain their dignity.

2. Save Money

Most people save money when they opt for home care instead of sending their loved ones to a health care facility.

Senior living facilities on average tend to cost hundreds of dollars more per day compared to home care. When you choose home nursing there is no charge for a room, daily meals, laundry, etc.

With at-home nursing, you only pay for the time and care your elderly family member needs within own their home.

3. Dietary Support

Many seniors are at risk for malnutrition during their day-to-day lives if they cannot take care of themselves properly. When you choose to hire home care you may implement a dietary plan to make sure they are eating properly.

Your loved one will appreciate home-cooked meals regularly. You can be at peace knowing that they are getting the nutrition they deserve.

4. Management of Medications

Along with dietary support, making sure seniors are getting their medication is incredibly important. When they are living on their own it is difficult to tell if they are taking their medication properly.

Home care professionals have the basic nursing skills to ensure medication is being taken at the right dosage and at the right time. You will never have to worry about harmful drug interactions or missing a dose.

5. One-on-One Support

Skilled nursing from home allows seniors to make connections with their nurses. Home health care service provides personal support with no distractions by other clients.

Together, nurses and clients build relationships and become trusted friends. Nothing beats the one-on-one personal interactions that seniors receive from in-home nursing care.

Find Your Skilled Nursing Options

If you are looking for senior care for your loved one you should be weighing all your options with the kind of care they need. At-home skilled nursing services are the answer for many families and might be right for yours.

To learn more about the services offered to you for your parent or parents, contact us today to start that conversation.

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