Memory Care Near Me: What Makes a Good Facility?

An estimated 40% of adults that are 65 and older deal with memory impairment.

For family members of these people, finding the appropriate care can be quite stressful and difficult. They may ask “What is the best memory care near me?”.

When choosing the best memory care facility, knowing what exactly makes a facility a good choice is important.

Here is a guide to help you learn about all the factors that make a good facility.

Professionally Trained Staff

All good facilities have professional and caring staff. Specifically, in a memory care living facility, the staff needs to be trained properly when caring for their residents.

The residents that live in these facilities deal with memory impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease. This memory impairment causes serious symptoms. Because of how serious this disease can be, having the proper training and experience is necessary when caring for a resident.

Staff members need to be able to not only professionally care for them, but have patience when dealing with difficult behaviors that come with this disease.

Facility Layout and Cleanliness

When deeming whether or not a facility is good, cleanliness is a must.

Seeing how clean a facility is shows how much they care about their work and residents. If it is untidy, this can be unsanitary and a possible health hazard for residents. A facility that is good will be cleaned properly and well taken care of.

With people that deal with memory impairment, there may be times they wander off or get lost. A good facility will have a good layout to prevent this from happening.

Good layout features:

  • Rooms with picture and word labels
  • Enclosed outdoor area
  • Short hallways

Variety of Activities

Whether the activities are used in a therapeutic way or just for interests, having a good amount of activity options is an important factor in memory care.

Keeping residents engaged and active is important for their well-being. They not only give them something to do, but they can be therapeutic and helpful for residents.

Your loved one should be able to continue with their hobbies or interests, and any good facility will tailor to their interests to help them take part in what they love.

Accommodating to Needs

Any good facility will offer a wide variety of memory care services and accommodate your loved one’s needs.

Every person’s experience with memory impairment is different. Having options and plans that will fit their specific needs is necessary in order to care for them properly. See what plan they have for your loved one and who all will be involved in caring for them.

Memory Care Near Me: Call Today

Now that you know what makes a good facility, it is time to find one. Typing in the computer “Memory care near me” will likely be complicated as there are a variety of memory care facilities in Georgia.

Instead, have Elite Senior Placement Services help find your loved one a good memory care facility. We are dedicated to helping you find the best place for your loved one to go to.

Contact us if you have any questions or want help assisting you in finding the best facility.

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