5 Perks of Going Into Assisted Living in Athens, GA

It is not fun to think about what happens when you get older. Fortunately, the average lifespan has only increased.

However, with those later years, come physical and mental challenges. You or a loved one may be getting to a point where you cannot perform daily functions by yourself living independently. But, a lot of people are in this same situation, with over 800,000 Americans residing in assisted living.

Some immediately think of a nursing home when this comes up, but there are better options. Have you considered assisted living?

These are five reasons to consider assisted living in Athens, GA.

1. Social Opportunities

When you get older, you may find yourself having fewer opportunities to socialize with people around your age. An assisted living facility can solve this problem and put you around a lot of new people with more common interests.

Sure, you might have your family or even a spouse. However, the ability to make new friends cannot be understated.

Older people entering the facility may come in feeling a little lonely, so the social opportunities can be a nice increase in both morale and mental energy.

2. Fewer Responsibilities

In an assisted living facility, you do not have to worry about any work on your property. It is almost like renting again or living in your parent’s house, where someone else is responsible for all of the maintenance and upkeep of it.

Is the cable not working? Someone else can take care of it. Does the lawn need to be mowed? Not your problem. What about a leak coming from the roof? No need to give it a second thought.

Being a guest in the facility instead of a property owner can eliminate a lot of these concerns that can cause you stress.

3. Hygiene

This may sound a bit odd, but there is actually a real hygiene benefit for older people going from living alone to assisted living.

The reason for this is because of falls in the bathroom. About 81% of falls happen in the bathroom for the elderly, which may make people either less likely to take baths or less likely to do it often.

Being in a facility can allow someone to assist you with this, and greater upkeep on hygiene. That upkeep may lead to a morale boost and a healthier lifestyle as well, all starting by taking a bath.

4. Assistance

At home, there may not always be someone there to take care of your needs. This is when someone may need to go to assisted living, but a big perk is having someone take care of your needs.

Someone can be there to help you use the bathroom, take baths, get dressed, get in and out of the bedroom, and even just moving around and having meals.

5. Financial Management

Living on your own, you have to worry about all of the small bills, possibly even rent or a mortgage. Living in a facility, everything turns into one flat monthly rate.

This makes it easier for older people to manage finances with fewer smaller bills and items to remember. It also increases the convenience of daily life.

Find Assisted Living in Athens, GA

These are just a few of the best assisted living benefits. Contact us for more information on assisted living in Athens, GA.

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