Adjusting to Assisted Living: 6 Tips to Ease the Transition

Are you or a loved one moving into assisted living soon?

Moving into assisted living is a huge life decision, so it’s only natural for you and your family to worry. Not only are you moving to a whole new place, but there will also be changes to your daily routine too. But assisted living doesn’t have to be daunting, it can be an exciting next chapter of your life if you’re ready for it.

And we’re here to help prepare you! Keeping reading for these 6 tips on how to adjust to assisted living to ease the transition.

1. Downsize What You Own

Adjusting to assisted living often means downsizing at least a little. Moving is also a chance for a fresh start. Viewing it this way is one of the best tips for helping someone adjust to assisted living.

Keep the items that mean the most to you or your loved one. The earlier you start thinking of downsizing, the better. The easiest way to downsize is to go one room at a time. Separate areas for:

  • Keeping
  • Donating
  • Throwing Out

Avoid that dreading “unsure” pile, as this doesn’t help the process. You’re only putting off the hard decisions for later, which you’ll still need to make.

2. Take an Active Role in the Move

Another top tip on how to help a parent adjust to assisted living is to get them involved. If you’re the one moving, take an active part in the moving process to help you feel more in control.

If you’re still driving, have some of your items packed into it and drive them there yourself. And once the boxes arrive, arrange the pieces yourself to get the look you want. It’s your home, and this will help it feel this way.

3. Work With the Activity Schedule

Moving in is only one part of it, the next is making the most of what assisted living has to offer. One of the best assisted living adjustment tips is to throw yourself into the activities.

This will help you or your loved one stay active, pursue their hobbies (or start new ones) and meet new friends. Ask for a printed schedule or how to look it up online, and jump right into the fun.

4. Ask Other Residents How They Settled In

Other residents in your new community are often very welcoming. It’s a good idea to ask those who have lived there a while how they settled in.

They may have good recommendations on the best food or activities. Start making friends with your neighbors and find people with interests like yours.

5. Share Your Talents With the Community

Whether as a career or hobby, there are things you’ll know that others will want to learn. If it’s allowed, consider teaching a class or giving a lecture to others to share your skills.

You could also offer one-to-one coaching to another resident if you’re not a big fan of groups. It’s a good way to engage with your interests and give something back to your new community.

6. Have Friends & Family Over

When it comes to how to move a parent into assisted living one of the best tips is going over to visit. For a lot of people, there is a fear that going into assisted living means they’ll get forgotten or left out.

Visits from friends and family will brighten the day and allow you or your loved one to show off what they’re doing. It’ll make them feel part of their old lives, and you part of their new ones.

Moving into Assisted Living: A New Adventure!

So, there you have it! Moving into an assisted living community is a chance for a new start and a great new adventure.

With so many people to meet and so much to do, once you take the plunge and get involved you’ll wonder why you worried at all. The best way is to prepare early, get stuck in and talk to your neighbors. You’ll settle in, in no time!

If you’re looking for senior assisted living services, contact us today! At Elite Senior Placement Services, we pride ourselves on creating a community that feels like family.

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