A Helpful Checklist when Moving Parents to Assisted Living

At first, your mom wanted to stay at home and care for herself. But after she fell and broke her leg, you knew it was time to get her into assisted care.

There are a few options for elderly people who can no longer live alone. For about 812,000 Americans, the best choice is an assisted living facility!

But once you’ve decided to help transition your loved one into assisted care, there’s a ton of tasks to take care of! We put together a helpful checklist for moving your parents into assisted care. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know during the transition.

Have a Talk About Life in the Assisted Living Facility

After you choose a facility, you’ll want to talk to your parents about what to expect when they get there. That helps ease the transition because they have an idea of what to expect.

Learn About the Social Events Coming up at the Facility

While you’re talking about the new routine, make sure to check out any upcoming community events. Assisted care facilities often offer these kinds of social events to their residents and family members. Help your parents make the most of the community by getting involved!

Measure and Map the New Apartment

Before you decide what furniture you can move into senior assisted living facilities, you need to map out a floorplan. Show this to your parents so they can familiarize themselves with the layout before stepping over the threshold.

Packing/ Downsizing Personal Belongings

The longest part of the process is packing and downsizing any personal belongings. Make sure your parents’ help decide what they cannot get rid of.

We recommend setting up 4 boxes: keep, sell, donate, and trash. If you find that you have more stuff in the keep box than you have room in the apartment, consider passing heirlooms on to other family members or rent a storage unit. Check out this page for more packing tips.

Set Aside a Moving Day Box/Bag

Another important step is to pack a special box or a bag with all the essentials your parents need during moving day. Also, make sure to pack any valuables you don’t want the movers to handle into this box as well. Make sure the box/bag is small enough to grab and go.

Anything Is Possible When You Have the Right Support Team

Moving your parents into assisted living facilities is very stressful for everyone involved. But with a bit of planning, you can make the process run like a well-oiled machine!

Once you get moved in, the staff at the facility will take over to care for your loved ones as if they were family. Also, don’t shy away from hiring a professional organizer or a moving company to help with the hard labor.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned all the things you should do when you move your parents into an assisted living facility. If you have questions about this article or need help choosing senior care arrangements, contact us today!

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