How To Deal With the Guilt of Placing Loved Ones in Assisted Living

More than 800,000 elderly Americans are currently living in assisted living communities.

If you have an elderly parent, knowing when it’s time to place them in an assisted living community can be a complex issue. It often leaves many adult children with feelings of guilt.

This guilt can sometimes delay the decision to do what is best for their elderly parent, in turn, causing a more difficult transition down the road.

Below, we’ve outlined some tips on ways to handle the guilt of placing loved ones in an assisted living community.

Consider the Professional Care They Will Be Receiving

In many cases, placing a loved one in an assisted living community is the best choice for their well-being, especially if they need help with daily living activities. In this environment, they will be receiving proper and attentive care from trained professionals, who may be better suited to handle the emotional and physical strain of assisting in their daily needs.

If there is a medical emergency, the assisted living community staff can quickly and adeptly react to the situation and make sure your loved one is getting the correct treatment they need.

Reach Out for Support From Others

One of the best ways to handle the guilt with elderly parents in an assisted living community is by reaching out to other friends and family for emotional support.

Connecting with others, either in person or virtually, can help reduce anxiety, ease feelings of guilt, and improve your mental well-being.

You can also connect with other adults who have made the same decision of placing a parent in an assisted living community. Sharing an experience with someone who has gone through your same scenario can also help ease your guilt.

Know That You Are Doing What’s Best

Embrace the peace of mind knowing that you are doing what is best for the health and wellness of your elderly parent or loved one, along with doing what’s best for yourself and family. Your loved one will be receiving care from trained specialists in a community of peers, and you can rest assured knowing that their social and safety needs are being met.

By assuming responsibility of an elderly parent’s care, or allowing yourself to shoulder the guilt of not wanting to place them in a senior care community, you could inadvertently cause more harm than good for yourself, your loved one, and your family. 

Finding the Best Assisted Living Community for Your Loved One

Deciding to place a loved one in an assisted living community ranks as one of the toughest choices that adult children can make. Many try putting it off as long as they can to void feelings of guilt.

Ultimately, this is to the detriment of your loved one who may desperately need the care that an assisted living community would bring. If you need help finding the best suited assisted living community for your elderly parent or loved one, we can help.

At Elite Senior Placement Services, we can help walk you through the necessary steps to placing your loved one in the right type of senior care community, at no cost to you or your family. For more information, call or email us today.

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