5 Impressive Benefits of Memory Care Communities

By 2025, more than 7.1 million Americans are projected to have Alzheimer’s disease.

That’s why memory care facilities are more important than ever. But how does memory care work?

If you have a senior loved one living with Alzheimer’s, memory care can be an alternate solution to a senior living facility. Memory care provides personalized service to help improve your loved one’s quality of life.

This guide will help you to understand the top five benefits of memory care and the services memory care for seniors can offer.

1. Independence

One of the best memory care benefits is your loved one’s ability to maintain some independence. Depending on the progression of their Alzheimer’s, they will still be able to engage in their favorite pastimes and hobbies. And when they need support professional staff are there to assist.

2. Specialized Services

Alzheimer’s affects people in different ways. It can also progress at different rates. Memory care offers specialized services tailored to individual residents.

These services can adjust as they progress through the disease. The services also provide support for the resident’s family.

3. Physical Safety

Wandering and disorientation are common symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Memory care facilities are designed to ensure the safety of the resident is their highest priority. This includes having secured exterior doors and desked staff available 24/7.

Residents also wear an emergency alert device that alerts staff in the case of an emergency. A safe environment can give family members peace of mind. As well as avoid dangerous situations, such as wandering outside and getting lost.

4. Engagement

Memory care facilities ensure their residents are stimulated with activities and social events. Meaningful activities and exercise programs have been proven to help residents. They work to maintain physical and mental well-being and improve quality of life.

A calendar full of activities can give purpose and pleasure to the daily life of the resident. Activities may vary from animal therapy to coloring, and in some cases, off-site excursions.

5. Medication and Mobility Assistance

Many living with Alzheimer’s also suffer from other ailments that require medication. As memory fades, their ability to remember when to take vital medication can often be forgotten. Memory care staff can provide residents with medication management and daily reminders.

Alzheimer’s can also affect mobility. That’s why memory care staff can also provide residents with physical assistance. This includes helping them get around the facility to avoid physical harm.

Memory Care Facilities Are Here for You

Memory care facilities are here to give you peace of mind that your loved one gets the best care possible. But we know making the decision is hard.

That’s why it’s time to stop searching for ‘memory care facilities near me’ and let Elite Senior Placement Services help. Our facilities have professional staff trained to provide care to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate through the senior care process and enrich your loved one’s life.

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